Creating Your Positive Contagion

Creating Your Positive Contagion explores how to powerfully utilize the space between degrees of separation to build stronger circles – professional, social, and otherwise. Discover how conscious communication, rather than controlling conversations, can impact one’s effectiveness, and how fringe populations (the hyper-intelligent included) can counter-balance perceived weaknesses into unexpected strengths. Learn about the elements of communication that cause some messages to ‘stick’ more than others, and what can prompt someone to process certain information and ‘pass it on’… just as you’d hoped.

Julie Beltz is a Marketing Communications Specialist who works with organizations, entrepreneurs, and brands to craft how they speak about their services, selves, and vision. She is savvy at developing strategy around the concept of unique, compelling messaging, and committed to enabling others to confidently create the perfect language to convey the essential pieces of not only their work, but also themselves. She is on a mission to change the perception much of society has about those individuals classified with the label ‘gifted’.


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