False Confessions on Trial!

The United States is currently experiencing an Age of Innocence, though one quite different than that written about by Edith Wharton. Since 1989, more than 1800 people have been wrongly convicted and officially exonerated, many of whom spent decades in prison for crimes they did not commit. There are also many reasons to expect that this number of known exonerations belies the true extent of the problem. A significant portion –up to 28%– of wrongful convictions stem from false confessions obtained through police interrogation. In this presentation, the speaker will describe the research on how false confessions happen and what can be done to prevent them.

Allison Redlich is a Professor in the Department of Criminology, Law and Society at George Mason University. She earned in PhD in Psychology at the University of California, Davis and then completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Stanford University School of Medicine. For two decades, she has researched the most effective methods to interview and interrogate suspects, and reduce the likelihood of false confessions. During this time, she met, eventually married, and bore the children of Grandmaster Gamester John Hornberger.   D’awwwww ❤

 Redlich__Allison_6420 (2).jpg


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