The power to fight climate change is in our hands!

Since Congressional action on climate change legislation has been stalled for years, actions by individuals and organizations to combat global warming are all the more important.  Whether it is recycling, biking, or driving hybrid vehicles, many of us have embraced a lifestyle that reduces our carbon footprint.  But few of us have extended our sustainable living habits to include our financial lives and our retirement investing.   William Bruno will focus on how sustainable, impact and fossil fuel free investing offer underappreciated opportunities for fostering social and environmental change, and particularly for combating global warming. 

William’s career brings together his lifelong commitment to positive change with his professional work as a financial consultant for families and organizations.  Originally a lawyer and a congressional staffer, 13 years ago he became a financial advisor.  Since founding Green Eagle Financial Services, he has been helping families and institutions to invest in a way that is true to their principles while still offering the opportunity to achieve returns comparable to traditional investing.

 William has served on the Investment Committee of the Fairfax County, VA Bar Association and on the Episcopal Diocese of Washington’s Task Force on Sustainable and Responsible Investing.  He has spoken on green investing, climate change and impact investing at the Montgomery County Greenfest, numerous churches, employers, and other organizations. 

Will Bruno photo.jpg


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